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BRAMPTON – Brampton Animal Services has launched the Emergency Pet Food Pantry to support Brampton pet owners in need with pet food, cat litter, and more essential animal supplies.

The Emergency Pet Food Pantry aims to support pet owners with anywhere from one week to one month of pet supplies at a time, depending on demand and donations. Brampton Animal Services has partnered with a local PetValu and FreshCo to help make this initiative possible.

Businesses are invited to support the Emergency Pet Food Pantry by calling 905.458.5800 or emailing
Residents can donate sealed, dry or canned pet food for cats, dogs and other small animals at the Brampton Animal Shelter, located at 475 Chrysler Drive. For a list of needed items, visit the Brampton Animal Services Amazon Wish List or the Brampton Animal Services Facebook page.

Pet owners in need can access the Emergency Pet Food Pantry by calling 905.458.5800 to speak to an Animal Services representative, emailing, or submitting a form online. Brampton Animal Services will package the items and provide pick-up instructions. Pet owners are asked to include details about their pet, such as the type of pets they have, how many pets they have and their pets’ ages, whether their pets need kibble or canned food, and any additional supplies they may require to help take care of their pets.
For more information on the Emergency Pet Food Pantry, visit

“The Brampton Animal Services Emergency Pet Food Pantry will support pet owners in need across Brampton with vital supplies to help take care of their pets, especially during this difficult time. Let’s keep pets and families together – I encourage those in need to reach out to our team.”
– Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“The Emergency Pet Food Pantry brings the community together to share resources and keep Brampton’s pets happy and healthy. The success of this initiative depends on the generosity of the community. Businesses and residents who can support the program are invited to donate essential pet supplies.”
– Jeff Bowman, City Councillor Wards 3 & 4; Chair, Legislative Services, City of Brampton

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