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Toronto began towing vehicles abandoned or illegally parked as snow clean-up continues

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Abandoned vehicles that are illegally parked will be tagged and towed to a car compound. Depending on where they live, residents can call the appropriate towing company to locate a vehicle that has been towed. More information is available at Traffic Services: Have you been towed? Opens in new window.

As snow clearing continues to be completed, snow removal operations will begin Wednesday as well and are expected to take several days.

“Friendly tows” – towing parked vehicles to a nearby location to make room for snow removal equipment – are also expected to take place to allow City crews to begin removing the snow from priority routes and some local roads. These include designated snow routes, streetcar routes, arterial roads and local roads with high windrows that impede the work of police, fire and emergency services.

City staff will reach out directly to residents, where required, to provide an opportunity to move their vehicles prior to any friendly towing taking place.

Starting Thursday morning, requests for missed areas for snow clearing will be accepted by 311 once snow clearing operations are substantially complete.

The City declared a major snow storm condition Monday, January 17 in response to the heavy and disruptive snowfall.

The City is also reminding residents and businesses that shovelling or plowing snow onto the roads is illegal and is subject to a fine of up to $5,000. This is a safety hazard that can hinder and delay the City’s snow clearing operations. City staff are patrolling locations across the city to address this concern.

Toronto has a comprehensive snow and ice response plan that prioritizes the safety and movement of people above all else. More information is available at Toronto Winter Services.