Canada repatriates 6 Canadian children from northeastern Syria

eAwazCanada News

Ottawa – Global Affairs Canada has issued the following statement: “Canada remains committed to taking every possible step to ensure the safety and security of Canadians both at home and abroad.

“The Government of Canada has taken extraordinary measures to repatriate 6 Canadian children from northeastern Syria. The focus is now on protecting the children’s privacy and ensuring they receive the support and care needed to begin a new life here in Canada.

“Canada thanks the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria for its cooperation in conducting another operation under extremely challenging security conditions. We also extend our gratitude to the United States for its assistance in the repatriation of Canadians and for its valuable support throughout this process.

“Global Affairs Canada works with multiple Canadian provincial authorities, NGOs, and social services, including child welfare services and local shelters, to facilitate reception, accommodation and other support services. Due to privacy considerations, we cannot provide information about the repatriated individuals, and for operational security reasons, we cannot share details of the repatriation.”