Major historical claim settlement with Siksika Nation

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Today’s announcement will make a real difference in people’s lives in Siksika Nation. It will create new opportunities to invest in community, culture, and economic development projects.

Across the country, the Government of Canada is addressing historical wrongs and the lasting impacts of colonialism, while supporting healing for First Nations. The co-development of this historic claim settlement with Siksika Nation is an important step forward to advance reconciliation and renew our nation-to-nation relationship based on mutual respect, cooperation, and partnership.

“Today, we right a past wrong committed by the Government of Canada. This agreement is the culmination of over 60 years of relentless advocacy and leadership by Siksika Nation, whose people have fought to right this historic wrong. It is also an opportunity to look forward as we build a better future together – one that is based on nation-to-nation dialogue, partnership, and respect.” – Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“In order to move forward as a country, we will work together to address the harms of the past. This landmark settlement with Siksika Nation demonstrates our commitment to address injustices and build a renewed relationship. Today’s celebrations mark a turning point in our relationship with Siksika Nation, as we continue to move forward to strengthen our relationship and support Siksika’s vision of a better future for their people.” – Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

“Settling this case, which dates back to 1910, is long overdue for the People of Siksika Nation. I want to make that clear: Canada is not giving $1.3 billion to Siksika. Canada is righting a wrong committed over a century ago when Canada illegally took 115,000 acres of lands provided to Siksika along with other illegal acts. Now that this case has been settled, the compensation from the settlement can assist Siksika to develop true financial sovereignty and provide more opportunities for our People. This case was filed in 1960 under Chief Clarence McHugh and many leaderships and technicians have worked tirelessly over several decades to see this day come to fruition. I want to take the time to share my gratitude for the leaders that came before us and other ancestors who help build the foundation we stand upon today.” – Chief Ouray Crowfoot, Siksika Nation