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Trudeau: Govt working on resettlement of Afghans

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Edmonton – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said Canada has done a lot and is doing a everything for the resettlement of Afghan refugees, but there are several hurdles. He said this during a visit to Edmonton, while promoting his Liberal government’s recent budget and planned support for small businesses. He said: “We’ve committed to welcoming Afghan refugees by the tens of thousands. We’ve already welcomed many, but there’s much more to do and that situation over there is challenging in terms of just getting people out of Afghanistan, given the way the Taliban is preventing and obstructing people fleeing to safety.” Trudeau came under fire from the NDP for the “bureaucratic red tape” his government was subjecting Afghans to while they sought resettlement in Canada. NDP MP Jenny Kwan yesterday called on the government to waive documentation requirements for Afghan refugees and streamline the process to allow people to enter Canada quicker.