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Gwyneth Paltrow drinks ‘superpowder’ for youthful looks

eAwaz Entertainment

Los Angeles-Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 47, drinks a “superpowder” twice a day to look as youthful as she did in the nineties.

The actress generally goes make-up free when she is not working and she takes antioxidants every day via a glass of her GOOPGLOW superpowder, which she believes helps to keep her skin glowing, reports dailymail.co.uk.

“Every morning without fail, I take my GOOPGLOW. It”s packed with Vitamin C and E and coenzyme Q10. I always have one in the morning and then one in my water bottle when I”m working out,” she said.

“I think it makes a serious difference in my skin all day. It”s a power shot of vitamins for skin—just as you need a moisturiser, you need antioxidants,” she added.

Meanwhile, her make-up artist Lisa Aharon recently revealed the star is an extremely low-key client.