10,000 Trees to be Planted in Deux-Montagnes Under 2B Trees Program

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Deux-Montagnes – In the fight against climate change, Canada has an ally in our vast forests. Trees play a crucial role through their ability to capture and store carbon and restore habitats and ecosystems. They can also reduce the risk of forest fires and floods while helping to restore areas affected by climate-related disasters. To maximize these benefits, Canada is continuing to deliver on its commitment to plant two billion trees.

The Government of Canada and the Regional County Municipality (RCM) of Deux-Montagnes, in collaboration with the Institut des territoires, have joined forces to adapt to climate change by planting trees and diversifying the tree species in the region. Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Pierre Charron, Mayor of Saint-Eustache, today announced a joint investment of more than $250,000 to plant 10,000 trees on 24 public sites covering 9.5 hectares in order to strengthen community resilience to the impacts of climate change and natural disturbances.

Various tree species, such as the red maple, white oak, shagbark hickory and tulip-tree, will be planted in different municipal areas, some through assisted migration. Diversified forests provide many benefits: they promote adaptation to climate change, enhance the landscape, create wildlife habitats, combat the effects of heat islands by better regulating the temperature in our cities and reduce the risk of forest fires and floods. Some of the tree species to be planted will help stop the spread of invasive exotic plants.

Through its 2 Billion Trees program, the Government of Canada is helping to improve air quality, keep neighbourhoods cool in the summer, create jobs and fight climate change while protecting nature. Together with provinces, territories, non-governmental organizations, local communities and Indigenous Peoples, the Government of Canada continues to build a healthy and promising future for generations to come.

“Today’s announcement represents a step toward our goal of planting two billion trees to deliver cleaner air, enhance biodiversity and advance climate action across Canada. Collaborative efforts to plant more 10,000 trees in Deux-Montagnes will result in cleaner air and a healthier community. Partnerships with municipalities are producing important results for Canadians and ensuring that the right tree is planted in the right place for the right reasons.” – Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources