Be safe this fall and winter

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​BRAMPTON – While the fall and winter seasons bring lots of opportunities for fun – from picturesque hikes, to building snowmen or skating on one of Brampton’s outdoor rinks – they also bring hazards for residents to be conscious of.

“When we plan for emergencies, we help make each season safer for all in our community,” says Rick Bernard, Manager, Emergency Management at the City of Brampton. “By doing a few simple tasks and keeping safety top of mind, we can enjoy fall and winter and protect ourselves and others.”

The Brampton Emergency Management Office (BEMO) asks residents to keep safety tips top of mind this fall and winter.

As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to keep these fall safety tips in mind:
• Check and update your 72-hour emergency kit before winter approaches.
• Start your day by checking the weather forecast before you leave home so you’ll know what to expect during the day.
• Never park your car or truck over a pile of leaves. The heat from the vehicle’s catalytic converter or exhaust system can ignite the leaves below.
• Remove fuel from lawn mowers before storing them for winter.
• Prune back trees and rake up leaves and debris. If you live in an open area with a lot of natural vegetation, consider creating a defensible fire zone around your home. Prune the bottom branches from trees and remove shrubs and trees within 20 feet of your home.

Winter weather has arrived, and with it comes hazards to be aware of. Residents should put safety first by following these tips:
• When driving in winter months, it is critical to stay alert, slow down and stay in control – drive according to the weather and road conditions. Be aware of other vehicles around you, maintain a safe following distance.
• At the start of the season, consider a winter tune-up for your vehicle, including having your tires checked for roadworthiness.
•  Stay off the road during winter weather unless it is absolutely necessary that you drive.
• Prepare a winter driving emergency kit. Winter storms can come on quickly, and it’s important to be prepared. The emergency kit for your vehicle should be stored in the vehicle and include items like a shovel, blanket, flashlight and more.
• Play it safe when snow shovelling! It is possible that your energy output from shovelling can exceed what your body is capable of producing. Dress in layers and take breaks.

For more seasonal safety tips from BEMO, visit .