Bike Brampton open Downtown Bike Hub

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BRAMPTON – Last week, the City of Brampton, together with its partners Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS) and Bike Brampton, opened a Downtown Brampton Bike Hub to promote and support safe cycling: Different Spokes.

Brampton is a Healthy and Safe City, and the City is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for all street users and encouraging active transportation. At its meeting on March 2, 2022, Brampton City Council directed staff to execute a short-term lease with PCHS to operate a Brampton Bike Hub from the City owned property at 8 Nelson Street West, Unit 104, acting as a catalyst for this unique partnership that will serve Brampton residents.

Different Spokes is a grassroots, community-led hub that will encourage, promote and advocate for safe cycling in Brampton. At this Downtown Brampton Bike Hub, PCHS will:

• Deliver bike-related services like assisted bike repair and the resale of reconditioned bikes and bike parts;
• Encourage, promote and advocate for increased safe cycling in Brampton;
• Provide access to reconditioned bikes for sale and for rent;
• Provide community and mentoring programing for anyone interested in cycling; and
• Encourage healthy communities and healthy lifestyles.

The City of Brampton continues to build ‘Streets for People’ and promote active transportation. This year, the City is adding over 30 new kilometers of walking and cycling infrastructure to an existing Active Transportation network of more than 530 kilometers of cycling infrastructure, hiking, walking and recreational trails.

Learn more about cycling in Brampton here and about active transportation in Brampton here.

“Brampton is a Healthy and Safe City, and we are dedicated to supporting the needs of our community by providing access to education and awareness on cycling and by helping support better overall mental health through active transportation and recreation. We are excited to support the opening of Different Spokes in Downtown Brampton. It is a welcome addition to the area and will help enhance our already extensive Active Transportation network.”– Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton