Planting over 200,000 trees in Montreal’s East End


Quebec — The health and quality of life of Montreal’s East End residents will be improved thanks to a joint investment by the federal government and the City of Montreal of up to $67 million to support the extensive planting of trees and shrubs.

Announced by Steven Guilbeault, Pablo Rodriguez, Soraya Martinez Ferrada and the Mayor of Montreal Valérie Plante, this funding will reduce heat islands in Montreal’s East End and improve the community’s resilience to climate change, while ensuring the health and safety of residents in times of extreme heat.

Now more than ever, communities need help adapting to the increasingly intense and frequent weather events caused by climate change. Reducing the impact of natural disasters such as extreme heat, erosion, flooding, and wildfires is critical to keeping Canadian families safe, protecting local businesses, and supporting a strong economy and the middle class.

More specifically, today’s funding will make it possible to plant 230,000 trees and 57,000 shrubs in Montreal’s East End. This project will strengthen the existing natural infrastructure in the area and provide better access to natural environments.

Making adaptation investments now will have major economy-wide benefits later. Every dollar that is invested in adapting and preparing for climate-related disasters can return as much as $13 to $15 in benefits.

“It is essential to invest in infrastructure that helps protect Canadians from extreme weather. That’s why today we’re announcing more than $27.7 million in federal funding to improve the quality of life of residents in Montreal’s East End during periods of extreme heat. Our government is continuing to take concrete action to help build resilient communities and ensure the health and safety of our residents.” – Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Member of Parliament for Laurier—Sainte-Marie, on behalf of Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

“Planting trees reduces pollution and helps us cope with the consequences of climate change. In the East End of Montreal, residents will find it easier to get through heat waves thanks to the trees that will reinforce our green spaces. We continue to deliver for Quebecers by taking concrete action that makes a real difference.” – Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transports, Quebec Lieutenant and Member of Parliament for Honoré-Mercier