Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund

Support to shellfish sector after Hurricane Fiona damages

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Springbrook – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is providing financial support up to $40 million, over two years, in targeted support through the Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund (HFRF), which supplements other federal measures to cover costs not covered by private insurance and other federal and provincial programs, such as Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA).

The Agency will help industry associations undertake studies to better understand the extent of the damage and develop recovery plans. This could include using underwater observation technology. It can also assist with the clearance of debris.

In addition, individual businesses in the shellfish sector can apply for eligible costs such as:

  • Lost or damaged facilities
  • Lost or damaged equipment that was permanently fixed
  • Lost product or inventory at cost value
  • Clearance of natural debris and man-made debris
  • Reasonable fixed expenses incurred, including rental of office space and equipment, generator, production equipment, rolling stock and facilities
  • Potential projects to cover additional costs not covered under DFAA for firms that are eligible for DFAA (e.g., clearance of man-made debris)

How to submit an application

To be eligible, businesses and associations in the shellfish sector must have exhausted all other sources of financial support, including programs offered by their provincial government. They must also have an immediate need and demonstrate quantifiable loss or damage resulting directly from Hurricane Fiona.

To apply for assistance, please visit ACOA’s website for further information or contact the ACOA office nearest you at any time.

Shellfish Sector in Atlantic Canada

  • The shellfish sector in Atlantic Canada is part of aquaculture, which refers to the farming of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants in fresh or salt water.
  • Aquaculture contributes nearly $200 million to Atlantic Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP), representing a little over 50 percent of the total GDP of the industry nationally.
  • The production value of shellfish in Atlantic Canada in 2021 was valued at nearly $100 million.
  • Based on June 2022 data from Statistics Canada, Atlantic Canada is home to 46 percent of Canada’s aquaculture firms (266 of 580). Of those 266, nearly half are located in areas impacted by Hurricane Fiona.
  • Overall, aquaculture has significant year-round employment (roughly 2,200 jobs in Atlantic Canada in 2021), providing economic benefits in remote, rural and coastal communities, including Indigenous communities.
  • Supply-chain companies support nearly 30 different elements of the sector from hatchery to sales and distribution, engaged in activities like design and engineering, automation and robotics, welding and fabrication, service to boats, vessel repairs and data collection and analysis.