Gurpreet Dhillon

Truckers Celebrate Brampton City Council Motion to protect rights

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BRAMPTON- The Ontario Dump Truck Association is pleased to see Brampton City Council pass a motion unanimously to protect our members and to create a safer and healthier working environment within the city. “Soaring fuel prices, drivers being denied breaks and washroom access, and ongoing safety concerns are the reality for our drivers”, said Bob Punia, Senior Advisor of the Ontario Dump Truck Association (ODTA). “This resolution from Brampton City Council is an important step in supporting the thousands of members who are asking for fairness and respect in the workplace”.
The motion requests City of Brampton staff to ensure that the ODTA’s basic agreement is considered prior to allowing companies to bid on City infrastructure projects to ensure drivers are protected with labour rights and fair wages on city projects and for staff to report to council on how the ODTA basic agreement can be inserted into the City’s procurement process permanently.
“I am pleased to see my colleagues on city council recognize the importance of standing up for workers rights”, said Councillor Gurpeet Dhillon who put forward the motion. “This motion is an important step in ensuring City of Brampton funded infrastructure projects are respectful to these important workers who literally build our cities.”
Members of the Ontario Dump Truck Association (ODTA) have been engaging in job actions to advocate for respect for their labour rights, fair wages and compensation, and to highlight safety issues for over two weeks.
“We are urging other municipalities to follow the leadership of Brampton City Council to protect the rights of Ontario Dump Truck Association members and ensure municipal projects respect labour rights and provide fair wages,” added Punia. “These measures will bring long term stability to the industry at a time of labour shortages and high demand for construction.”