4 Dead Including Renowned Artist After Daylight Shooting At Toronto’s Entertainment

eAwaz Local News, Youth Zone

By Muhammad Ali

Toronto – On Tuesday, a 21-year-old identified as a rapper – Houdini – was confirmed dead yesterday by police chief Mark Saunders. Two other people are said to be currently in hospital in critical condition. One of the victims was a 15-year-old boy. Many went out to social media to share their condolences and the death of Houdini. Saunders has said the shooting was targeted and the suspects were waiting and preparing in their car for around 40 minutes prior to the shooting. The fourth victim, a female being treated by paramedics on the scene, was said to be uninvolved in the shooting.

Immediately after shots were fired outside of Bisha Hotel and Residences in Toronto’s Entertainment District, around 4pm, Toronto police received multiple 911 calls. A witness stated there were around 6 – 10 shots and that it sounded like “fireworks”. Typically that area has a high volume of pedestrian traffic in the daytime. This being said, police believe the shooter knew that they were going to inflict casualties amongst mere bystanders.

Police have collected a firearm that was left on the scene, and have video evidence. They also know, “multiple”, people were involved as the shooter exited and escaped their vehicle through the passenger side, indicating a driver. However, it is not known how the suspects are connected to the victims. Police are searching for both the victims’ vehicle, which supposedly left the scene because the victims were shot just before entering them, and the suspects’ vehicle, which has been described as a Blue Volkswagen Tiguan.

Mark Saunders has stated the evidence they have collected is good, but more evidence would be appreciable and helpful. Currently, a large number of police and investigative units are present in that area. Gun violence continues to loom as a threat in Toronto. Already this year many incidents have occurred with guns involved despite restrictions set during COVID-19.