Advancing reconciliation and building renewed relationship  

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Ottawa – Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, and Chief Ellen B. LeCaine of the Wood Mountain Lakota First Nation signed a historic Framework Agreement that will guide Canada and the First Nation as they renew their nation-to-nation relationship and work to advance reconciliation.

The Framework Agreement to Advance Lakota Reconciliation with the Wood Mountain Lakota First Nation was co-developed by the First Nation and Canada through their Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination table, which has been ongoing since 2019.

The framework sets out a process for further collaborative dialogue between the parties. The goal is to work together toward negotiated arrangements to advance Lakota-Crown reconciliation, formally recognize a renewed relationship between the parties and help build a solid foundation for the First Nation to achieve its vision of self-determination based on community priorities. This includes working together on practical measures to close socio-economic gaps, recognize Lakota culture and history, promote new business partnerships, and move away from the Indian Act towards self-government.

Canada will continue working in partnership with Indigenous Peoples to support the work of nation rebuilding and promote lasting and meaningful reconciliation for the benefit of Indigenous communities and all Canadians.

“This framework agreement brings our people a small step towards true recognition by Canada of the Lakota’s place on our traditional lands and what our people have always known about our own history as Indigenous peoples of this land.” – Chief Ellen B. LeCaine, Wood Mountain Lakota First Nation