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Charges Laid After Series of Laser Attacks Conducted at Police Helicopters

eAwaz Local News, Youth Zone

By Muhammad Ali

Brampton – Near midnight on May 21, Air2 (police helicopter) was patrolling the skies in Vaughan until the craft faced multiple laser attacks. Again on May 22 another attack occured on Air2, which prior to the attack, the crew were supporting police on the ground with a break in investigation. The final incident occured on May 23, again near midnight. On May 27, York regional police have tweeted that they have charged 2 people and another person is being investigated. A video of the incident and the pilots’ commentary have also been posted. Also it was stated that pointing lasers at aircraft are an offence and can lead to serious charges. A 44 and 52 year old man, have both been arrested and charged with endangering life, and endangering security of an aircraft in flight and unlawfully projecting a bright light into airspace. The 52 year old man was also charged with obstructing police charges. For both cases, the crew guided officers on the ground to the suspect’s location. No information has been released about the third incident. Anyone with information are urged to contact police or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Depending on the distance and intensity of the laser, it can have varying adverse effects including blindness. Typically it is flash blindness in which according to Health Canada, a flash is visible for several seconds before fading away.