Pascale St‑Onge

Investing in 7 innovative Québec-based businesses

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Québec – Supporting innovation and growth contributes to the economic development of the regions of Quebec. That is why Jean-Yves Duclos, Member of Parliament for Québec and Minister of Health, today announced, on behalf of Pascale St‑Onge, Minister of Sport and Minister responsible for CED, a total of $1,575,000 in repayable financial contributions for seven Québec-region businesses operating in various sectors.

This CED funding will allow them to innovate, increase their production or implement their marketing strategies. Additional information about the seven projects can be found in the related backgrounder.

The Government of Canada recognizes and supports innovative businesses and organizations that are a source of pride in their communities. Quebec’s economic recovery relies on organizations with deep roots in the regional economy. Innovation is a major contributor to growth and a key asset in rebuilding a stronger, more resilient, greener and more just economy for all.

“Innovation is one of our government’s key priorities and we proudly support business growth. By supporting these seven innovative projects, we are investing in the know-how of our entrepreneurs who contribute to the development and commercialization of new technologies. And in helping them adequately equip themselves, we are all working together to rebuild an economy that will be stronger and more resilient and sustainable.” – Jean-Yves Duclos, Member of Parliament for Québec and Minister of Health

“Helping businesses grow and innovate is one of our key priorities. That is why we are supporting businesses such as BioTwin, Devoray, Femtum, LumIR Lasers, SIMCO Technologies, Medscint and Hector. The success of these seven Québec businesses reflects not only on the region, but on the Canadian economy as a whole. More than ever, we are there to support Quebec and Canadian workers and SMEs.” – Pascale St-Onge, Member of Parliament for Brome–Missisquoi, Minister of Sport and Minister responsible for CED