Marc Miller

Manitoba Métis Federation announce housing investments from Budget 2022

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Winnipeg – Marc Miller, Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations, joined Will Goodon, Minister of Housing and Property Management of the Manitoba Métis Federation, to announce an investment of $31 million over seven years towards housing priorities for citizens of the Manitoba Métis Federation. This funding is in addition to the Budget 2018 allocation of $125 million over 10 years.

The announcement took place at 184 Eugenie Street, a six-unit multi-family development in the heart of the historic Métis community of St. Boniface in Winnipeg. The anticipated completion of this project is sometime this fall. This project was funded through Budget 2018 housing funding and is an example of investments that will be made with Budget 2022 funding to address the housing priorities identified by the Manitoba Métis Federation.

Access to safe and affordable housing is critical to improving the health and social outcomes of Indigenous Peoples and ensuring a strong future for their communities and children. The Budget 2022 investment of $190 million is allocated specifically for Métis institutions and governments in Canada to address urgent housing needs.

“Our government will continue working in partnership with the Manitoba Métis Federation to make progress on shared priorities that support Indigenous-led solutions and promote lasting and meaningful reconciliation for citizens of the Manitoba Métis Federation and all Canadians.” – Marc Miller, Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations