Dr Theresa Tam on mental and physical well-being

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Ottawa – Dr Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada says spending time with friends, being active, or finding a new hobby to enjoy are great ways to SelfCare. She added taking the time to do things that improve your mental and physical well-being is what self-care is all about.

The Canadian Mental Health Association says research shows that medications for mental illnesses may help many people feel better, but that doesn’t mean every medication will work, or work the same way, on every person. Other tools may include talk therapies like psychotherapy or counselling, supports at school or at work, treatments in hospital, support groups, or skills you can practice on your own. The tools available to you will depend on your diagnosis, your own situation, the resources in your area, and your own values.

For some people, medications will be an important part of their long-term treatment plan. For other people, medications might help them feel well enough to start using other tools. Still other people may try other approaches before they consider medication. Medications can help people manage many symptoms, but they can’t fix all problems. For example, they won’t remove an outside source of stress that contributes to your problems. What medications can do is help you manage symptoms affecting thoughts, feelings, and physical symptoms so you are better able to benefit from other kinds of support.