Pfizer Canada and McMaster University to foster health equity in vaccine science


Hamilton – Pfizer Canada and McMaster University are proud to announce a significant project aimed at addressing critical gaps in health equity in the development and delivery of vaccines.

Pfizer Canada’s investment of $500,000 to McMaster’s Global Nexus is aimed at supporting McMaster University’s commitment to inclusive excellence in research by training emerging scholars from equity-deserving groups in the field of vaccinology, as well as students conducting vaccine research focused on populations who are especially vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Despite the effectiveness of vaccines in combating infectious diseases, systemic disparities in representation, efficacy, distribution, and uptake all persist. Recognizing these challenges, Pfizer is proud to support McMaster University’s endeavour to support inclusive excellence in vaccine development and delivery.

“This grant from Pfizer Canada underscores our shared commitment to advancing health equity,” stated Matthew Miller, Executive Director of Global Nexus at McMaster University. “Through Global Nexus, these talented young scientists are driving innovation and addressing research gaps to ensure vaccines protect all communities.”

Through this initiative, Global Nexus is:

  • promoting training of learners from equity-deserving groups in the field of vaccinology to increase diversity in the vaccine workforce, from vaccine development to delivery
  • addressing gaps in knowledge related to vaccination of vulnerable populations
  • developing accessible educational material related to vaccine development, safety, effectiveness, and policy, appropriate for diverse audiences
  • working closely with relevant community partners and scholars to ensure a safe learning environment for funded scholars

Pfizer echoes McMaster’s dedication to health equity.

“Equity is at the core of Pfizer’s mission. We believe that healthcare advances like vaccines must be accessible to all, reflecting the diversity of the people we serve,” shared Andréa Mueller, Primary Care Portfolio Lead at Pfizer Canada. “By investing in initiatives like McMaster’s Global Nexus, we aim to create a more inclusive and impactful vaccine ecosystem.” This partnership between Pfizer and McMaster University exemplifies a shared vision for a more equitable and resilient healthcare future.