Roger-Ketcha Ngassam to lead Canadian mRNA vaccine manufacturing

eAwaz Medicine

TORONTO- Moderna Canada announces the appointment of Roger-Ketcha
Ngassam as the Manufacturing Site Head for its mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility. A seasoned leader with local roots and extensive international experience, Roger will oversee the planning, construction, and
execution at Moderna’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) site, currently under construction in Laval, Quebec. He will also lead the local team recruitment as Moderna advances towards domestic commercial
operations by 2025.
Patricia Gauthier, President and General Manager of Moderna Canada, said, “Roger’s experience and commitment to excellence will be essential in ensuring the successful completion and operation of our Canadian facility as well as navigating the dynamic landscape of biomanufacturing. This newly created role signifies Moderna’s local growth and more importantly is crucial in our mission to bring domestically made mRNA vaccines and increased pandemic resilience to Canada.”
Moderna’s investment in Canada and commitment to supporting pandemic preparedness extends beyond building state-of-the-art mRNA manufacturing capabilities to include strategic partnerships with academia
and industry as well as fostering a robust ecosystem via clinical trials and other initiatives. Together, these efforts will help position Canada as a centre of excellence in mRNA technology.