Ramzan price package has been prepared for Karachi, says commissioner

eAwaz Pakistani News

KARACHI: The Karachi administration has prepared` Ramazan Price Package’, announced Commissioner Karachi, Ejaz Ahmed Khan on Thursday.

He said that this pertains to essential food items for the month of Ramazan.

The list of these items has been published.

The prices of vegetables and fruits would be determined on daily basis.

Deputy Commissioner Karachi East has been entrusted with the task of such prices in a transparent manner.

Decisions to this effect were made at a meeting here, chaired by the Commissioner Karachi.

Ejaz Ahmed Khan was of the view that the prices of necessary items have been fixed in an appropriate manner and that these would be strictly implemented and strict action would be taken against those resorting to profiteering.

He directed all the Deputy Commissioners to ensure that the prices are implemented strictly.

For fixing prices of vegetables and fruits in an appropriate manner, steps have been completed for making the Market Committee effective.

The administration officials would monitor the auction at night and in the morning.
Items whose prices have been fixed include pulses, rice, spices, `Samosas’, `Pakoras’, `Khajla’, `Phenee’ as well as bakery items.

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