About Saaz-O-Awaz Broadcasting Ltd.


WTOR 770AM is a community radio channel. At Saaz-O-Awaz we pride ourselves for being the voice of the South Asian community. Our vision is to bridge gaps between people, communities, interests, information and resources. It enables the voice of the community and business industry to spread far and wide. It provides an environment to its members to share and express their experiences, challenges and accomplishments, and to explore opportunities for business and professional growth.

We are enriched with a very dedicated and hard working team. The team prides itself for its professionalism and commitment to the community. Based on information from our advertisers we make every effort to take on new opportunities to bring information and resources to our listeners on the radio and through our website


Your advertisement can attract new customers and encourage existing customers to spend more on your products or services. Effective advertising can increase sales, build credibility, establish and maintain your ‘brand’ and unique identity.

Our purpose in advertising is to inform or remind listeners and customers the benefits of your products and services. Promoting your business to customers and others will build your sales and establish your businesses integrity and enhance your reputation.

Advertising with Saaz-O-Awaz Ltd.

In advertising they say: “If you get it right, advertising can help your business. If you don’t advertise, customers will not know you and won’t find you!”

Advertising with Saaz-O-Awaz will help you in creating demand for your products and services. Customers will be better informed of your contact information where they can purchase products and services and/or get more information.

Target Market

It is important to know who buys your goods and services. Saaz-O-Awaaz prides itself for bing the voice of the South Asian community. Whereas it reaches a far and wide audience, primary listenership consists of South Asian communities.

 Daytime Coverage Map

For advertising opportunities or more information contact:

Arifa Muzaffar 
(647) 898-6245

Majid Jamal
(416) 893-2223