Terrebonne postpones candidacy for Quebec Games Final

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Quebec – While it was a candidate for the Final of the Quebec Games – Summer 2027, the City of Terrebonne announces the postponement of its candidacy for the selection process of the Final of the Quebec Games – Summer 2029. In the weeks following the submission of its application, the City of Terrebonne carried out a rigorous analysis of the human and financial resources necessary to submit the application.

At the end of this analysis, including several discussions with SPORTS QUÉBEC , the various departments of the City as well as a meeting with the City of Blainville, which will host the Final of the Quebec Games – Winter 2026, the decision was made to postpone the candidacy of the City of Terrebonne for the organization of the Final of the Quebec Games – Summer 2029.

“I would like to thank SPORTS QUÉBEC for accepting the request to postpone our candidacy. We still wish to host this major sporting event, but we believe it would be wiser to wait for the 2029 edition. This will allow us to properly plan each stage with our internal and external partners and thus submit a high-quality file. quality.” – Mathieu Traversy, mayor of  Terrebonne

Remember that on November 9, SPORTS QUÉBEC announced the three (3) cities having submitted their official candidacy for the holding of the Final of the Quebec Games – Summer 2027. Terrebonne was included in the same way as the cities of Saint-Georges and Sorel-Tracy.

Source: https://terrebonne.ca/