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Canadian health after Omicron wave

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Toronto – Recent public health data shows 10 per cent of Canadians, recently infected with the Omicron BA.2 sub-variant, were previously infected with Covid-19. While not all provinces provide data on reinfection rates, Ontario health officials have reported that 11,370 people have been infected with Omicron twice since Nov. 1, 2020. A report released by Quebec’s National Institute of Public …

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Canada invests $10m in research to transform public health for Canadians

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Researchers will address pressing health challenges and help revitalize public health systems across the country Ottawa – The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of maintaining a strong public health system to protect the health of Canadians. The Public Health Agency of Canada and its counterparts in provinces, territories, and municipalities across the country play an essential role in preventing the spread …