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Building Momentum for a barrier-free Canada

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Ottawa – Collaboration with people with disabilities and other stakeholders is at the heart of Accessibility Standards Canada’s mandate. The organization hosted its second annual public meeting online, along with close to 250 participants from across Canada. The meeting offered participants a chance to gain a clear understanding of the organization’s mandate and learn about the progress made toward a Canada …

Canada mental health crisis and suicide prevention

CRTC to implement new 9-8-8 number for mental health crisis 

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Ottawa – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it will adopt 9-8-8 as the number to call or text for Canadians who are in need of immediate mental health crisis and suicide prevention intervention. Once implemented by telephone and wireless service providers, calls and texts to 9-8-8 will be directed to a mental health crisis or suicide prevention …

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety appointments

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety appointments

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Brenda Baxter – Chairperson Brenda Baxter is the Assistant Deputy Minister of Compliance, Operations and Program Development and is the former Director General of the Workplace Directorate within the Labour Program at Employment and Social Development Canada. She brings extensive occupational health and safety experience in the areas of legislative and regulatory development, policy development, program operations, communications and strategic …