HealthADAPT projects

Building resilience through HealthADAPT program

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The program provides information and solutions to support the health sector as it adapts to the impacts of climate change Ottawa – As outlined in the annual report of Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr Theresa Tam, Mobilizing Public Health Action on Climate Change in Canada, climate change is the largest health threat facing people in Canada and around the …

opioid overdose crisis

Health Canada’s Statement on Opioids, Pain Management

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Ottawa – Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists longer than 3 months. One in five Canadians, or nearly 8 million people, live with chronic pain. When not effectively managed, pain can have significant negative impacts on many aspects of an individual’s life and on the lives of those around them. Opioid medications are sometimes prescribed by health professionals …


Health Canada secures children’s acetaminophen products

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Ottawa – We share the concerns of parents and caregivers about their inability to find infant and children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These products are essential for families, caregivers, and health care professionals to reduce fever and pain. We are announcing that we have secured foreign supply of children’s acetaminophen that will be available for sale at retail and in community …

bivalent Covid 19 boosters

All about bivalent Covid-19 boosters

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Ottawa – Health Canada has approved Moderna’s bivalent vaccine for people 18 and older, and Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine for people 12 and older, but provinces and territories may choose to further restrict eligibility rules based on supply or priority of population needs. Both vaccines are only offered as a booster dose, so only people who have already completed a primary series …


Theresa Tam: Weekly Covid case counts risen in recent weeks,

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Ottawa – Theresa Tam,Chief Public Health Officer, has said: “Nationally, COVID-19 disease indicators, including weekly case counts have increased in recent weeks, which may be an early sign of fall resurgence. Despite the usual regional variation, virus transmission is occurring across the country. The omicron late summer wave appears to have declined very gradually before picking up again, after only a brief levelling …

bivalent vaccine

Ontarians Aged 12+ Eligible for Bivalent Booster

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Flu Shots Available Starting November 1st TORONTO — With Health Canada approval of the Pfizer bivalent vaccine, everyone aged 12 and over is eligible to get a bivalent COVID-19 booster dose starting Monday, October 17 if they have completed their primary COVID-19 vaccine series. The Ontario government is reminding people to stay up-to-date with their vaccines as we enter respiratory …

BA.4 and BA.5 strains

New Omicron vaccine to improve efficacy of Covid-19 boosters

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OTTAWA – Health Canada approved on Friday the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 booster vaccine that targets the BA.4 and BA.5 strains of the Omicron variant. The vaccine, which is approved for people at least 12 years old, can be given three to six months after a second dose of the primary vaccine series, or the most recent booster shot. Health …

vaccination clinic

Toronto Public Health begins  bivalent booster to eligible residents 

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Toronto  – Toronto Public Health will start to administer the COVID-19 bivalent booster at its immunization clinics to all eligible residents aged 18 and older. Yesterday, the Ontario government reminded individuals to get their bivalent booster, which may offer more targeted protection against the Omicron variants. More information is available in the Government of Ontario’s news release . Appointments are strongly …

Canada Dental Benefit

Making Dental Care More Affordable: Canada Dental Benefit

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Ottawa – Seeing a dentist is important for our health, but it can be expensive. A third of Canadians currently do not have dental insurance, and in 2018, more than one in five Canadians reported avoiding dental care because of the cost. For these reasons, the government has previously committed to providing dental care for uninsured Canadians with a family …

Health Canadas blood donors

Health Canada moving to sexual-based screening criteria for blood donors

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Ottawa – Health Canada authorized a submission from Héma-Québec to implement a more inclusive approach to blood donor screening. The approach eliminates the current three-month blanket donor deferral period for all men who have sex with men, and instead screens all donors, regardless of gender or sexuality, for high-risk sexual behaviour. As the regulator responsible for overseeing the safety of …