Trudeau at Global Fund

Canada announces a $1.21b to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria 

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New York City – The COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed health systems, and lockdowns have disrupted health services worldwide. This has had a devastating impact on efforts to combat HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria. TB and malaria deaths have increased and progress on reducing HIV-related deaths has stalled. We need to redouble our efforts in fighting for all those we have not reached, …

WHO chief

WHO Improving Children’s Health in Low Income Countries

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Geneva – The world has prioritized funding for the prevention and treatment of malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, and malnutrition for decades, and with the shrinking rates of those conditions, we see those efforts have paid off! Now, we need to increase awareness and funding initiatives for pediatric surgery in low- to middle-income countries, as lack of access to surgical care is …