Sean Fraser with afghan refugees in Toronto

Minister Fraser welcomes latest flight of Afghan refugees from Pakistan 

eAwaz Canada News

Ottawa – The Government of Canada continues to work hard to resettle at least 40,000 Afghan nationals as quickly and safely as possible, which is one of the largest commitments of its kind in the world. To date, over 22,581 Afghan nationals have arrived in Canada. In Halifax, Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, welcomed 311 Afghan nationals who …

Filippo Grandi United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Global leaders launch Global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility

eAwaz Canada News

Ottawa—Across the globe, millions of people are displaced and in need of safety and protection. Only about 1% of refugees have access to resettlement each year, leaving millions of people in limbo and a significant talent pool often untapped. Labour complementary pathways provide an additional way, beyond resettlement, for displaced people to find durable solutions in third countries through labour …