Tropical Disease Dengue

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London – If someone asked you what the most deadly animal in the world is, you might first think of lions or crocodiles. But—perhaps surprisingly—it’s the mosquito: These tiny insects are responsible for killing over 1 million people each year. Mosquitoes can spread serious diseases, including Zika, malaria, West Nile and dengue, the last of which the World Health Organization (WHO) named a top 10 …

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New research to combat malaria

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NY – Male mosquitoes beat their wings faster when swarming at sunset to better detect females and increase their chance of reproducing, finds a novel study led by UCL scientists that was published in Science Advances. Lead author Professor Joerg Albert (UCL Ear Institute) said: “Mosquitoes are exquisitely auditory animals; without their sense of hearing they could not reproduce. Within …

WHO: Global response to longtime threat of malaria taken a hit 

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GENEVA – The World Health Organization has said the global response to the longtime threat of malaria has taken a hit as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted health services in many countries. WHO`s World Malaria Report, cited a total of 241 million cases of the disease in 2020, up 14 million from the year before, and 627,000 deaths — an increase …