Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Funding Canadian Partnership Against Cancer with $50m

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Ottawa – Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in Canada. Two in five Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime and one in four Canadians will die of the disease. Unfortunately, the number of new cancer cases continues to rise steadily as the Canadian population grows and ages. To address this issue, our government continues to fund …

night shift

Nighttime meals bad for mental health

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London – A new research says eating during the daytime instead of the night can reduce chances of developing depression and anxiety. Interfering with the body’s natural clock can be detrimental to a person’s mental well-being. If a person was to spend years working in the night shift, the body will not fully adapt to the schedule and ask the …


Health tips during menopause

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London – Menopause affected different women, differently. Symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, sweating, sleep difficulties, mood swings, hip and back pain, among others. It can be managed by doing the following: Keeping a balanced diet Regular exercise Alter lifestyle for better mental health

Canada mental health crisis and suicide prevention

CRTC to implement new 9-8-8 number for mental health crisis 

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Ottawa – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it will adopt 9-8-8 as the number to call or text for Canadians who are in need of immediate mental health crisis and suicide prevention intervention. Once implemented by telephone and wireless service providers, calls and texts to 9-8-8 will be directed to a mental health crisis or suicide prevention …

29th Annual Report on Public Service of Canada

29th Annual Report on Public Service of Canada is out

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Ottawa – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed the Twenty-Ninth Annual Report on the Public Service of Canada, which was presented to him by the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Federal Public Service, Janice Charette. The report outlines the work of public servants over the past year to address ongoing and emerging …

Elisabeth Briere Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Mental Health

$10m to support mental health through Canadian Red Cross

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Ottawa – There is no health without mental health. While many Canadians struggle with mental health issues, certain groups in Canada are more likely to face disproportionate challenges accessing mental health supports because of racism, discrimination, socio-economic status or social exclusion. In addition, many community-based organizations providing mental health and well-being supports have faced a surge in demand and more …

Steven Del Duca 1

Ontario Liberals to transform mental health response

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Training more than 3,000 new frontline mental health workers to help clear waitlists SCARBOROUGH – Steven Del Duca was at Strides Toronto to announce that an Ontario Liberal government will transform mental health frontline response so more people living with mental illnesses, addictions, and disabilities can access compassionate care instead of languishing on waitlists. “Ontarians are resilient, but people are …

Guelph General Hospital

Building New Emergency Department at Guelph General Hospital

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Over $15 million provincial investment will expand emergency health services for patients and families in Guelph GUELPH — As part of its plan to stay open, the Ontario government is investing over $15 million to redevelop the emergency department at Guelph General Hospital. The redevelopment will expand emergency services, including emergency mental health services, to improve access to high-quality care …