Chrystia Freeland budget 2022

Legislation to double GST Credit for 6 months receives Royal Assent 

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Payments to eligible Canadians starting in early November Ottawa – Bill C-30, the Cost of Living Relief Act, No. 1 (Targeted Tax Relief), received Royal Assent, doubling the Goods and Services Tax Credit for six months to help make life more affordable for millions of Canadians. Eligible Canadians—who already receive the GST Credit—will automatically receive their payments starting in early November. This means that …

Bill C 11

CEO of CRTC regarding costs awards

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Ottawa – In light of recent public comments, I would like to clarify how the CRTC manages costs awards, who is eligible to receive them, and our position on the reprehensible statements on social media by Mr. Laith Marouf. To be clear, the comments by Mr. Marouf are deplorable and such hurtful words, coming from a group applying for costs, …

Canada Dental Benefit

Making Dental Care More Affordable: Canada Dental Benefit

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Ottawa – Seeing a dentist is important for our health, but it can be expensive. A third of Canadians currently do not have dental insurance, and in 2018, more than one in five Canadians reported avoiding dental care because of the cost. For these reasons, the government has previously committed to providing dental care for uninsured Canadians with a family …

Doubling Goods Services Tax Credit

Govt Doubling Goods & Services Tax Credit for 6 Months

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Ottawa – The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Credit helps offset the financial impact of the GST for low- and modest-income people and families. The credit is paid quarterly in January, April, July, and October, with benefit years beginning in July. The total annual value of the GST Credit depends on family size and income. For the July 2022 through June …

News 2 Peter Bethlenfalvy

Tax Relief at Pumps Act, 2022 Receives Royal Assent

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Government cutting gas tax by 5.7 cents on July 1, 2022 QUEEN’S PARK — Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance, issued the following statement: “It’s official. With the Tax Relief at the Pumps Act, 2022 receiving Royal Assent, gas and fuel taxes in Ontario will be cut starting July 1. Our government recognizes that supply chain challenges and geopolitical conflicts are pushing …