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Restoring natural areas and biodiversity

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Gatineau – Minister Guilbault has said: “Planet earth has been called the Blue Marble—a fragile, nurturing home for all of humanity and all of its other inhabitants. When we protect nature, we also enable nature to care for us. Green, resilient, and healthy neighbourhoods, a clean, low-carbon economy, and thriving ecosystems are the keys to sustainable life on Earth. “Canadians have a …

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Canada funds 67 new projects to protect species at risk 

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Charlottetown – Canada’s wildlife and its habitat are in crisis. The future of all living things depends on actions taken now. Efforts to protect biodiversity and habitat for species at risk are vital to the health of the planet, and are a priority for the Government of Canada. Heath MacDonald, MP for Malpeque, on behalf of Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment …