Vaccine manufacturers, regulators complete training on CTD format

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Washington – The Local Production & Assistance (LPA) Unit in the Regulation and Prequalification Department, WHO, successfully completed training of about 800 vaccine manufacturers and regulators from over 60 countries in the six WHO regions on the format and documentary requirements of a vaccine dossier for a WHO prequalification (PQ) and Emergency Use Listing (EUL) application. One cause for delays in …


WHO prequalifies 1st monoclonal antibody, tocilizumab, to treat COVID-19

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Washington – Aiming to increase access to recommended treatments for COVID-19, WHO today added tocilizumab, a monoclonal antibody, to its list of prequalified treatments for COVID-19. To date, six COVID-19 treatments have been prequalified by WHO, including the three presentations (three vials, each with a different quantity) of the product prequalified today. The three prequalified products are manufactured by the …