Thousands missed cancer surgery during lockdowns

eAwaz Health

London – One in seven cancer patients around the world have missed out on potentially life-saving operations during Covid-19 lockdowns, a new study reveals led by experts at the UK’s University of Birmingham. “Our research reveals the collateral impact of lockdowns on patients awaiting cancer surgery during the pandemic. Whilst lockdowns are critical to saving lives and reducing the spread of the virus, ensuring capacity for safe elective cancer surgery should be part of every country’s plan to ensure continued health across the whole population,” said James Glasbey, from the University of Birmingham. “In order to prevent further harm during future lockdowns, we must make the systems around elective surgery more resilient — protecting elective surgery beds and operating theatre space, and properly resourcing ‘surge’ capacity for periods of high demand on the hospital, whether that is Covid, the flu or other public health emergencies,” he added.