June 1 CC Return To Play Guidlines

Cricket Canada Releases “Return To Play Guidelines!”

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Ottawa – Cricket Canada has released its “Return To Play Guidelines!” The released Cricket Canada plan draws extensively on the International Cricket Council “ Back To Cricket ” document which was prepared by the ICC Medical Committee and released on May 20, 2020. As a result of the rapidly evolving public health environment associated with CV-19, these Guidelines are, however, subject …


Washington Ends But Says Might start Relationship with WHO

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By Muhammad Ali   Mississauga – President of the United States Donald Trump recently said it will end its partnership with the World Health Organization, due to its handling of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Trump stated that they have sent, “failed to make the greatly needed reforms,” that was sent by the US to them in detail. This funding will …


Fed’s Plan to Reopen US-Canada Border for Immediate Families

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By Muhammad Ali Mississauga – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently said that the federal government is looking for some possible changes to allow immediate families trapped across the border, to reunite. `He said: “We have been looking at ways of perhaps allowing close family members, children, spouses, or parents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to be able …


New Security Law in Hong Kong Passed in Beijing

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By Muhammad Ali   Mississauga – For the past few years there has been mass protests in Hong Kong, hitting mainstream news across the world. Riots has erupted yet again in the major financial hub. Protestors, see the law as a threat to their rights, laws and overall autonomy. Just recently the security plan was approved in Beijing, allowing China …


Why Climate Change Should be on Everyone’s Mind

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By Muhammad Ali Mississauga – Just recently a report by a group of researchers was published by environment Canada, on average global snowfall, and it is disappointing to those keen on climate change. A crucial finding was that snowfall precipitate in Canada and the United States have dropped by around 3.9 billion tonnes every year, for the past 39 years. …

How the Beloved Llama, Could Kill Coronavirus and End the Pandemic

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By Muhammad Ali Who would have ever thought that the cute and majestic llama would come to our aid, in such a dire time? How so? Firstly, llama have reportedly been helped deliver groceries in the United Kingdom to elderly and other vulnerable people to the coronavirus. Now, they are part of a global scientific effort to treat COVID-19. A …

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Why You Should be Worried About Canadian Economy During Covid-19?

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By Muhammad Ali Mississauga – Never before has a lockdown included this many people, yet it has proven to be a crucial way to fight and curb COVID-19. At this point of time, almost all small business is temporarily suspended, most people are inside, and a big chunk of the Canadian population is unemployed and/or using benefits from the government. …