Pakistan’s First-Ever Boat Clinic

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Karachi – Abu Bakar, a resilient 20-year-old from a small village in South Punjab, Pakistan, surrounded by the flowing waters of the River Indus. For four years, Abu Bakar battled liver pain and acidity, undertaking a cumbersome 3-hour journey to a distant hospital in Sadaqabad, only to find no answers and no relief.

However, hope sailed into his life with Pakistan’s First-Ever Boat Clinic by Indus Hospital & Health Network. Imagine Abu Bakar’s surprise when he first saw the massive ship approaching on the horizon! Skepticism turned to gratitude for the distressed population of the village. ‘Now, all 20 family members of mine visit the boat clinic for every small health-related issue,’ says Abu Bakar.

Your support has enabled us to extend healthcare to remote communities of Pakistan where there was no sign of primary healthcare. The boat clinic in Rajanpur district, home to approximately 105,000 people, is not just a lifeline for them; it’s a symbol of hope, a testament to the impact we can create with your continued support. Your generosity has already made a difference, and we invite you to join us in expanding these vital services to every corner of Pakistan. Together, we can be change-makers, bringing health and hope to those who need it most.