Poor Nutrition During Pregnancy Steals The Joy Of Motherhood

eAwaz Youth Zone

Karachi – One of the greatest blessings for a mother is watching her child grow throughout the different stages of life. Every milestone is a cherished moment that fills a mother’s heart with joy and becomes a permanent memory. But for many families in Pakistan, these milestones remain dreams instead of memories.

Due to a lack of nutrition during the critical stages of pregnancy and the postpartum period, many mothers experience severe complications, which can lead to death. Pakistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with nearly 20% of deaths among women of childbearing age being related to maternal complications.      

This issue affects both the mother and the child she’s carrying. A shocking 42% of the nation’s children suffer from severe malnutrition, which hampers their physical and mental development – often linked to inadequate maternal nutrition during pregnancy. Indus Development Foundation is supporting a new initiative by Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) that will help alleviate this plight. Introducing: NourishMom.

NourishMom – Ensuring a Healthier Future for New Moms & Babies

Through the NourishMom program, IHHN will provide essential support to new and expecting mothers by distributing monthly Food Baskets- 6 months before and after delivery. These Food Baskets are curated with nutrients critical for a safe pregnancy, smooth delivery, consistent breastfeeding and safeguarding infants from malnutrition. Just $65 provides a family with vital nutrition for one month! These Food Baskets can be the difference between life and death for a mother and her newborn. With just one click, you can empower mothers, nurture infants, and build a healthier tomorrow.