Fed’s Plan to Reopen US-Canada Border for Immediate Families

eAwaz Youth Zone

By Muhammad Ali

Mississauga – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently said that the federal government is looking for some possible changes to allow immediate families trapped across the border, to reunite. `He said: “We have been looking at ways of perhaps allowing close family members, children, spouses, or parents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to be able to reunite under strict conditions through a slight modification of the directives for the Canadian Border Services Agency.

It is likely that family members who are allowed passage through the border will have to undergo the 14-day quarantine. The prime minister’s attitude towards this situation has changed. The border closure between the two countries, for “nonessential travel” was extended due to the continuing threat of COVID-19. Only vehicles for commerce and trade, and crucial healthcare workers are allowed to pass through the border. On the other hand, only tourists, and cross-border visits are prohibited from passing. Currently, the border closure is expected to expire on June 21.