Thousands of Prisoners in Afghanistan Planned to be Released Ahead of Peace Talks

eAwaz Youth Zone

By Muhammad Ali

Mississauga – It was on May 28, when Taliban sent a group to the capital city of Kabul, in Afghanistan to discuss peace talks and a prisoner exchange. Amr exchange  was  signed and agreed by the United States and the Afghan Taliban in February this year, in which 5,000 Taliban prisoners are to be traded for 1,000 government captives, ensuring assurance prior to planned peace talks. Just recently, 710 prisoners have been freed. On the other hand, Suhail Shaheen, a spokesperson for the Taliban who is based in Qatar, stated that 73 members of the Afghan security forces were freed recently in various Afghan provinces. Later, 2,700 members of the Taliban were freed then. The peace talks were crippling this month due to repetitive militant attacks, but a change in attitude by the Taliban on Eid-al-Fitr to engage in a ceasefire, brought back peace talks. However, developments in the talks have raised concerns over the future of the struggling state. Furthermore, as soon as the truce ended, violence erupted yet again. Certainly, with the history of the conflict, this is a massive risk for the US backed government, but it could potentially contribute to the end of decades of violence and poise a new era in Afghanistan.