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President & CEO Mrs. Arifa Muzaffar

Arifa Muzaffar was born in Mian Channo, Pakistan. Mrs. Muzaffar’s father was a practicing doctor and her mother a devoted housewife. Youngest of 5 sisters and a brother, Mrs. Muzaffar was raised amongst a very supportive and loving family. She received her education in Pakistan and attained a Bachelor in Botany and Chemistry and a Masters in Special Education.

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Mrs. Muzaffar, along with her husband, Muzaffar Ali immigrated to Canada in 1995. She began her career in the Insurance industry and received much acclaim in a short period of time. However, her passion had always revolved around serving the community. Building on her initial media career and success in Pakistan, Mrs. Muzaffar commenced her media journey in Toronto in 1998 with conducting a live talk-show on a local radio channel in Toronto. Thereafter, she devoted her efforts to the betterment of the community through the medium of electronic media, delivering programming primarily in Urdu and Punjabi languages.

Mrs. Muzaffar is a strong campaigner of communities to portray discipline, unity, togetherness and commitment. She provides a safe, unbiased and comfortable platform for thousands of South Asians to voice and assist the community with their experiences, celebrations, concerns and opportunities. She provides a forum for disciplined and non-judgemental discussions around topics that cover a full spectrum of our lives, including strengthening of families, challenges faced by our youth, cultivation of civic responsibility, the need to respect the environment —— and the list goes on.    

Mrs. Muzaffar is a pillar of strength and profile of optimism to her communities whose lives she enriches daily. Her dynamic personality, conservative charm and humbleness, conviction in her voice and determination in her eyes continue to serve hundreds and thousands of South Asian community members to achieve strength, confidence, focus, solace and hope.  


About Saaz-O-Awaz Broadcasting.

Saaz-O-Awaz is the medium that allows us to bridge gaps between people, communities, interests, information and resources. It enables the voice of the community to spread far and wide. It provides a forum to members of our communities to share and express their experiences, challenges and accomplishments.

It was nearly a decade ago that with endless support from my beloved husband, Muzaffar Ali, I started my career as a broadcaster with a Punjabi radio program. After gaining valuable experience for about a year and a half, Muzaffar and I launched Saaz-O-Awaz in 1999. It was a humble start then. We worked tirelessly and with extreme dedication and devotion. Our efforts were equally supported by our dedicated listeners, communities, sponsors, supporters and well wishers. Muzaffar jee and I will always be thankful to you for your support then, now and in the future. InshAllah.

Muzaffar jee was an IT professional. He stood by me at every step of our way. Together, we undertook the management, administration and operations of the entire channel and our program. Till wee hours of the morning, Muzaffar jee would himself do all sorts of chores at the station. He and I always took pride in supporting each and every effort that we took individually and collectively. It was with his continued and undeterred support, confidence and guidance that we were able to build Saaz-O-Awaz, our credibility and respect to what Allah has blessed us with today. Alhumdulillah.

It is my sincere belief that every woman has tremendous potential. It is only a matter of that potential to be supported and given further confidence. I pray to Allah that every wife is supported the way Muzaffar jee supported me. I pray to Allah that every child receives guidance and assurance from their families to enable them to never loose faith and to succeed in their dreams. Ameen.

Every fall makes us stronger. The important thing is we should have the courage to gather ourselves and be prepared to start again if need be. Along with this element, it is important to have good people around us to support our efforts. I have had the fortune of being surrounded by wonderfully supportive and hardworking colleagues as Vesna and Majid Jamal, encouraging friends such as Dr. Dar, Waheeda and Samina and of course the undying love of my beloved son, Muhammad Ali.   

I have always endeavoured to provide media as a platform to further our community. Along with radio, I am pleased to introduce our brand new web portal. This web portal will not only serve as just another site but it will contain sections that will be utilized by our community member and those business promoters who may not have the means to advertise on the radio. This is yet again a humble effort to support the advancement of everyone in our community.

It is for and with the strength of my undying love and gratitude to Muzaffar jee that I still continue with strong commitment towards supporting our dream. May Allah always guide me in the right direction and may our beloved son, Muhammad Ali, follow the footsteps of his Baba. Ameen.

It is with utmost humility that I bow my head and raise my hands in prayer before Allah for Muzaffar jee’s Maghfirah. May Allah grant him an elevated place in Jannah, Ameen.

Your host,

Arifa Muzaffar.
Contact No : 647-898-6245

A Message from Abdul Majid Jamal

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Your advertisement can attract new customers and encourage existing customers to spend more on your products or services. Effective advertising can increase sales, build credibility, establish and maintain your “brand” and promote your unique business identity. Our purpose in advertising is to inform or remind listeners and customers the benefits of your products and services. Advertising with us will help you in creating demand. We pride ourselves for being the voice of the South Asian community. It is a great method to send a targeted message to a large, economically successful and growing demographic.
In this sponsorship package, you will find an outline of our radio stations, Saaz-O-Awaz. You can review our advertising opportunities and choose from a variety of different options specifically tailored to suit different needs.


Name: Abdul Majid Jamal

Contact No : 416-893-2223