Bill 3 Strong Mayors Building Homes Act

Bill 3, Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022 proclaimed into law

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Toronto – Bill 3, the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022, has been proclaimed and comes into effect. As of Wednesday, November 23, the Mayor of Toronto can: Choose to appoint the municipality’s chief administrative officer Hire certain municipal department heads and establish and reorganize departments Create committees of Council, assign their functions and appoint the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of …

Marco Tory

Taking action on gun violence and gangs

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Toronto – Canadians deserve to feel safe in their communities. That is why the Government of Canada is taking action on gun violence, with a comprehensive plan that gets guns off our streets and puts more resources into our communities. The most important element of this plan is preventing gun violence from happening in the first place, which is why …